Why do Travel Agency Charge a Fee? 

15.07.22 08:00 AM By Flora Jordan

As a travel agency owner, I am typically asked by a client why they should use my service and pay atravel management fee during our free consultation. I could provide a lengthy explanation, but it's simple. 

My agency offers a service that gives you hours back with your family. This is something my competitors are unable to do. 

Think about the last time you planned a vacation for yourself and your family or a group of friends. Did you experience life distractions during your vacation planning and put the planning on the back burner? And when you finally dedicated the time to plan your vacation, did you spend hours on google researching cheap travel deals, passport or visa requirements, vaccination requirements, dining reservations, excursions, and more. 

I bet this caused a lot of stress and a sense of urgency to complete it ASAP 

Did you know that when you spend hours on google researching cheap travel deals, you are shown the highest-paid marketing ad? However, you are not getting the most affordable deal but an advertisement for a vacation that beats out another competitor based on their marketing strategy. 

Furthermore, when you choose these types of trips, you open yourself up to hidden fees, unknown Terms and Conditions (T&C), no travel insurance, potential lost financial travel investment, poor customer service, and more. 

When working with me  you don't have to worry about that. I work for my clients and provide services that allow them to reconnect, relax and have fun! 

Why book with Flo Knowles Travel? 

  1. Honesty 
  2. No Hidden Fees
  3. We help you reconnect, relax, and have fun with family and friends!
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