A Luxurious Way to Sea the World

Discover unparalleled sophistication and refined taste on an adult-only cruise. Indulge in the exceptional culinary artistry of Michelin-Star chefs at diverse dining venues, all set against the serene backdrop of a child-free voyage. Every moment is designed to create an unforgettable experience, blending the delights of gourmet cuisine with the peaceful elegance of an adults-only setting.

Discover Why This Cruise is Perfect for You

  • Alway Included Luxury (20+ Eateries, Michelin Star Chefs, Gratuities & Wi-Fi)
  • Entertainment (Live Shows, Casino & more )
  • Essentials drinks such as sparkling water, non-pressed juices, teas, sodas and drip coffee
  • Exclusive, Adult-Only (18+)
  • Experience gourmet dining designed for every food allergy, ensuring a safe and delightful culinary journey.
  • Fair and Flexible Fares 
  • Health & Wellness Focus
  • Luxury & Comfort (All cabins feature state-of-the-art amenities, with on-demand services via exclusive app.)
  • Red Evening (Scarlet Night)
  • Red Pajama Party (first night)
  • Red Pool Event (Red Swimwear)
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Where to Next?

Greek Island Glow
​7 Night Cruise

Sail from Athens to the most idyllic Greek Isles in the Med — like Santorini, Rhodes, and Bodrum (Turkey). With an overnight in the glamorous hot spot of Mykonos, you can immerse yourself in the quiet charm of the island and attend those world-famous beach club parties.

Park Güell

The Irresistible Med 
​​ 7 Nights Cruise

Experience the magic of the Med and its islands as you sail from Barcelona to the French Riviera. Explore the Tuscan countryside, revel in uncharted Ajaccio time, and get in a revitalizing Vitamin Sea-fueled day on board. With a finale overnight in Ibiza, you'll get why we call the Med irresistible.

The Paseo de Doña Blanca or The Pink Street of Puerto Plata

Dominican Daze
​5 Night Cruise

Dominican Daze sails to the snow-white shores of the Dominican Republic from Miami, for plenty of time to lay by the beach and explore the city streets. Add a full day and night spent at the exclusive Beach Club in Bimini, Bahamas.

Tulum Ruins

Riviera Maya
 5 Nights Cruise

The Riviera Maya is a dreamer’s gateway to Cozumel (Playa del Carmen) and Tulum. Arriving from Miami and departing late with an additional day and night spent at The Beach Club at Bimini, you’ll have plenty of time to see each port from every sun and moonlit angle.

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