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We offer a free 30-minute consultation. We get to know you during our Quick Hello and learn about your vacation ideas. Flo goes over our agency services to ensure we are a match for you as your travel agent. 


We match you with the appropriate level of accommodations for your travel party. We book hotels, resorts, vacation homes, and villas. Do not spend hours searching through travel reviews that may not be accurate; we have the first or secondhand knowledge needed to provide you with a straightforward and honest recommendation. You can trust the years of travel expertise that Flo Knowles Travel has to help you make the best accommodations decision.


Domestic and International Flights are a part of your travel package. We book your airfare through our supply partner/operator. Bundling these services helps bring value to your vacation package and alleviates some of the stress of booking your flights yourself. Flo Knowles Travel can help you find the airports best for your roundtrip flights and make sure you have everything ready to go before you even pack your suitcase. If you’re looking to book airfare only, we can do that for you. 


Flo Knowles Travel has extensive insight into planning your next cruise, whether you’re hoping to cross an ocean or sail down a scenic river. We can also help you with any pre/post land packages you may require before boarding or after returning. With hundreds of options available and various cruise lines to consider, we’ll help you sift through the assortment to find the cruise package that meets your needs.

Detailed Itineraries

We create custom travel itineraries that fit your needs and expectations. Whether it's for relaxation, historical experience, culinary experiences, beach vacation, cruise, tours, or theme parks, Flo can arrange it. Our detailed itineraries allow you to enjoy your vacation without wondering what to do next. In addition, we include entry requirements for international destinations and COVID testing locations.  


Flo Knowles Travel assists couples in celebrating their marriage in a dream destination of their choosing. Couples are married at an exquisite venue outside of the United States in popular wedding destinations like the Bahamas, Caribbean, and Mexico. A destination wedding gives a more intimate way to tie the knot. In addition, we offer couples a simple way to create their personalized celebration in paradise. 


There are so many options available for tours, day trips, and excursions that it's crucial to depend on someone with expert knowledge in this area. Instead of waiting to book tours on-site, Flo Knowles Travel can assist you with booking excursions before you leave for your vacation. 

Forget spending hours researching to still end up with questions unanswered – thanks to my network of vetted travel partners and my years of personal travel experience. Instead, I'll draft a seamlessly planned trip for you and your loved ones.

From ensuring your family's passports or visas are up-to-date to advising you about health and safety procedures during your travel, I have the experience and insight to prepare for everything you'll need for your trip in a hassle-free manner. Flo Knowles Travel makes it a top priority to fill you in on your vacation's essential details.

Our assistance doesn’t end when your plane lands. We also book any transportation needed throughout your travels. So, you won’t have to stress making arrangements to get from place to place. Flo Knowles Travel takes the hassle out of the equation and leaves you peace of mind throughout your trip.

Group travel allows you to visit a dream destination with your friends and family members. However, with a more extensive travel group comes the need for more planning to ensure that the entire group is taken care of and free to enjoy the trip. 

From planning a family reunion in an exotic location to taking a cruise to the islands, Flo Knowles Travel is proud to assist with all of your group travel needs.

You'll never have to face a travel issue alone when you and your family partner with Flo Knowles Travel. From my travel suppliers on the ground to my local travel assistants, you'll find peace of mind knowing that you have a local travel expert to contact throughout your trip. In addition, we will be on standby 24/7 to help you with any questions you may have while you're away.


It's difficult to overemphasize the importance of travel insurance–it's just a wise option. Like other insurance types, travel insurance provides an essential safety net should any issues arise before or during your family's trip. It's an investment that is more than worth your peace of mind knowing that you'll be covered just in case!

Flo Knowles Travel offers a proposal with a vacation protection plan from our supply partner/operator. We do not sell travel insurance but will provide you with a referral. 


Quick Hello

Our complimentary consultation for 30 minutes where we'll learn more about your ideas and travel goals for your next trip.


Choose the perfect Travel Management Service for your unique needs - whether you're looking for white-glove planning services for a family trip or for a larger group we've got the right fit for you.  

Travel Design

In-depth 60–90-minute planning meeting to talk through every detail of your vision. Our experts will prepare options for your review.  We will present you with full itinerary containing options for travel, activities and accommodation.


Upon approve proposal your trip is booked. All that's left is pack your bags and enjoy your trip.