Choosing The Best Time Of Year To Plan A Destination Wedding

12.04.23 06:00 AM Comment(s) By Flora Jordan

The Caribbean and Mexico are popular choices when planning a destination wedding. With their beautiful beaches, warm weather, and vibrant culture, these destinations provide the perfect backdrop for a dream wedding. Let's jump into the weather you can expect for your destination wedding in the Caribbean or Mexico based on the time of year that you travel.

If you want to know the best time of year to have a destination wedding in the Caribbean and Mexico, it is between December to April. This is the region's dry season when rainfall is minimal, and the temperature is mild and comfortable, averaging around 78 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Hello, sunshine!
While the dry season is a safer bet for a weather-friendly Caribbean or Mexico wedding, it's not a guarantee. Rain and wind can still occur. Additionally, it's essential to note that it's also peak tourist season. This means that flights and accommodation are likely higher than at other times of the year. Bummer, I know.

Based on my experience, May and November are the most popular months to have a destination wedding. This would be considered "shoulder season," where you aren't dealing with the higher "peak tourist" prices but also don't have as much concern with the weather.
The struggle is that the dates at the best resorts and venues book quickly. So, if you want to plan a destination wedding in May or November, do not waste time or you'll end up compromising on the venue.

So, what happens if the dry season months don't work well for you and you are hosting your destination wedding in the Summer or Fall months when hurricanes could develop? First, let me put your mind at ease. Just because it is "hurricane season" doesn't mean that a hurricane will develop. Also, some destinations are "safer" during the tropical season, so don't throw in the towel yet!

Here are five ways to help avoid having your big day ruined by a storm; here are some tips on planning a destination wedding regardless of the season.
1. Choose your wedding date wisely
As mentioned above, choosing a date outside the peak months is the best way to avoid hurricane season when planning your destination wedding. But, if that isn't possible, consider these general rules of thumb... Hurricane season runs from June to November, with the most active months being August, September, & October. So, consider a wedding in June, July, Mid to Late November, or early December.

2. Research the weather patterns
Each destination has different weather patterns during hurricane season, so research before choosing a location. Some islands or regions may be more prone to hurricanes than others. For example, the northern Caribbean islands are at higher risk than the southern ones. Consider speaking with a travel agent specializing in weddings to help you pick the right time and location.

3. Consider wedding & travel insurance
Wedding insurance can provide a financial safety net in a hurricane or other natural disaster. It can cover unexpected expenses such as cancellations, postponements, or rescheduling fees. It's important to note that not all wedding insurance policies cover natural disasters, so read the fine print before purchasing a policy.
Travel insurance is recommended for you and your guests. If the weather prevents you from arriving at your destination or requires you or your guests to depart early, it will protect your investment. Travel insurance is always recommended, but during the tropical season, it is
much more imperative, so encourage your guests to have the right coverage.

4. Have a backup plan
Regardless of your wedding date, it's always a good idea to have a backup plan in case of unexpected weather. When booking your venue and vendors, ask about their contingency plans in case of inclement weather. For example, some resorts may have indoor facilities or
covered areas that can serve as backup locations for the ceremony or reception. Of course, it's always a bonus when you love the backup venue as much as your chosen outdoor venue.

5. Stay updated on weather forecasts
If you're planning a wedding during hurricane season, be sure to stay informed about any potential tropical storms or hurricanes that could impact your wedding plans. Sign up for weather alerts, monitor weather websites, and contact your vendors and venue. Be prepared to make changes if necessary, and I advise you to make a swift decision, getting the advice of the onsite wedding team if things are not looking promising on your wedding day.

If the wedding team at your venue advises you to change to an indoor venue due to the weather report, and you choose to move forward with an outdoor event, they will likely have you sign a contract. If the weather does disrupt the wedding, there will be a fee to set up the wedding decor again in the backup location.

The combination of fun, excitement, and relaxation a destination wedding in Mexico or The Caribbean* can offer is an unbeatable experience. We hope you have found this article helpful and that it answered some of your questions about wedding dates, weather, and the time of year to visit.
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